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Capital Energy has certified its QEHS Integrated Management System for renewable energy projects

By: Capital Energy · 18 May 2021

Capital Energy, a Spanish energy company founded in 2002 and whose vocation is to become the first vertically- integrated 100% renewable energy operator on the Iberian Peninsula, has taken a new step in the process of constantly improving its internal operational management mechanisms.

The Company has just successfully passed the first certification audit, carried out by Bureau Veritas, of its QEHS (Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment) Integrated Management System for the design and promotion of renewable energy projects.

It should be noted that this certification has not only been achieved in record time, but has been carried out simultaneously for all three scopes of Capital Energy's management system: ISO 45001 (Security and Health), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 9001 (Quality).

Capital Energy's implementation of the QEHS Integrated Management System is in line with the Company's commitment to sustainable development and, specifically, to the health and safety of its employees, respect for the environment and the continuous improvement of its processes. This system, which is guided by the principle of continuous improvement, is a key element in strengthening the Company's operations in terms of structure, solidity and assurance mechanisms.