Good Governance

Our governance system

This is based on a commitment to best practices for Good Corporate Governance, business ethics and social responsibility in all our fields of operation.

We have striven to build a Corporate Governance System that reflects the Company's principles and helps to create relationships of trust with our stakeholders.

This system is based on the ethical, conduct and transparency principles included in the Company's Code of Ethics and its purpose is to ensure the Company’s financial quality, achieve the aims set in the Company’s strategic, business and growth plans, and, therefore, ensure the Sustainability of our business model in the long- term.

Corporate Rules 

  • Competence Matrix and delegated authority. This sets out the Company’s organic structure, the framework for action according to the main magnitudes and principles governing decision-making in the Company.
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct. This defines the culture, values and principles for action that must regulate the behaviour of all the Company’s employees.
  • Code of Conduct for Suppliers. With a view to extending Capital’s commitment along our entire value chain, we have defined a Code of Conduct for Capital Energy suppliers.

Corporate Policies

  • Anti-corruption Policy. To bolster our commitment to legal compliance and the fight against corruption, Capital Energy has approved an Anti-corruption Policy which must be complied with by all our employees and which also governs relations with third parties in all the fields of our business.
  • Human Rights Policy. At Capital Energy we have published our Human Rights Policy to formalise the Company’s commitment to human rights, as included in Spanish and international legislation, and also taking into account European and International Human Rights Conventions and corporate standards.
  • Health and Safety Policy. This policy contains Capital Energy’s commitment to its employees’ health and safety and ensures suitable working conditions.


Risk Management

Capital Energy's commitment to its governing principles is also shown in its Control Culture, which seeks to maximise the agility/assurance pair. This is to ensure sustained, stable growth in the long term, offering guarantees and security to all its stakeholders in matters, amongst others, such as data protection, corporate and criminal liability and, of course, financial responsibility.

Capital Energy is dynamic and predominantly digital, which are both identifying traits within the Company’s DNA. The existence of assurance measures at all activity levels and the Control Structure aspire to supplement and boost these traits, building an agile Control System based on the responsibility of each Management Team and Business Unit, within the general framework of the Group’s policies

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